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Plus de statistiques Roy, Mélanie Le rôle de l'éducation dans la dynamique de conscientisation des femmes du Centre des femmes du Ô Pays à l'égard de leur insertion socioprofessionnelle et de l'appropriation du territoire. Rimouski, Québec, Université du Québec à Rimouski, Département sociétés, territoires et développement, p.

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This study focuses on the influence of educational activities and raising awareness on site de rencontre snapshot-x life course of women participants of a women's center in rural areas. The specific objective of this research is to understand how the educational and awareness-raising activities femme dynamique recherche by the CFÔP have contributed to the socio-professional integration and appropriation of the territory by women having that attended this center between and To do so, in focus group interviews, we gave talk to 24 women a having attended the CFÔP.

We wanted to understand the role of femme dynamique recherche in the process of raising the awareness of women in the CFÔP with regard femme dynamique recherche their socio-professional integration by associating four concepts: education as a factor of change ; conscientization as a prerequisite for emancipatory action ; socioprofessional integration as an emancipatory aim ; and femme dynamique recherche territory as a place where this emancipatory aim is actualized.

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The results of this research illustrate, first, that women have access to more resources when they become a collective actor ; secondly, that it is in a common place such as the CFÔP that they break the isolation and find the information necessary to surpass their current femme dynamique recherche conditions ; thirdly, that socio-professional integration depends mainly on the modification of social relations, including the relation between men and women in the dynamics of consciousness resulting from education.

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